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    If you’re new to the OriginTrail Community, welcome! If you’re looking for more information on the project. Check out our community efforts! We have a diverse collection of talents in the community that are providing unique resources and community contributions.

    👍🏿Featured Content👍🏿

    ✍🏿 Article – OriginTrail Explained in 20 minutes: https://www.origintrail.club/community/ (Produced By @Kirk0)

    👁 Video – Without The Hype: OriginTrail Decentralized Network Chat / Why the ODN is perfect for the FDA & IBM: https://www.origintrail.club/withoutthehypeep1/ (Produced by @ChillZoneAmos)

    👁 Video – Breaking Down OriginTrail: https://www.origintrail.club/breakingdownorigintrail/ (Produced by @Guinnessstache)


    Created by @bottomshorterhttps://www.origintrail.club/mind-map/

    ✅ Latest Partnerships✅

    The biggest catalyst for ODN adoption is the development of the TraceLabs-built Network Operating System (nOS). This is a custom software solution for businesses that directly connects the OriginTrail Decentralized Network to their legacy system and other permissionless and permissioned blockchains (including HyperLedger). View The latest Integrations – https://www.origintrail.club/partnerships/

    🤖Join The Node Holding Army🤖

    Want to run a node but feel like you need some guidance? Worry not, @MilianCrypto’s guide will get you up and running in no time. https://ot.wittymermaid.com/

    👏🏿Community Highlight👏🏿

    @Guinnessstache’s Post (https://twitter.com/guinnessstache/status/1283731727370903553?s=19) attracted the eyes of 580,000+ individuals (https://t.me/OriginTrailTraders/57367)


    👉🏿 OriginTrail has officially made it to GS1 US Global University. Dominique Guinard, CTO & co-founder of Evrything cites OriginTrail as the standard of data sharing in a budding 13.5Trillion Dollar Digital Link Economy. https://twitter.com/ChillZoneInt/status/1283506490855350272. Update: Evrything, TraceLabs, OriginTrail have all retweeted and shared 🙌🏿

    👉🏿 Don’t forget origintrail.club (Produced by @ChillZoneAmos) is live, new services to be announced soon! Nodes & Interaction 🦾.

    If you ain't talking money, you ain't talkin OriginTrail.
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